AppBounty Tricks to Get Real Money

Hello, friends today we are going to discuss the AppBounty Tricks which gives us real cash money and some other kind of money sources like gift cards vouchers etc. This is the best app for those who want to make money by inviting and generating more referral installs.  So first we are going to understands how this app works and how we can successfully earn money in this app.

So talking about the AppBounty this was a reward site which lives in 15 biggest countries in the world. Anyone can use this site to generate the cash point and can redeem it through Amazon Gift Cards, Itunes Gift Cards, Xbox Live Points. For making money through AppBounty you need a cell phone based on the Android and iOS operating and the internet connection.

This was a very profitable application by which you can get money by downloading another application on your phone and also get paid by referring others by inviting people. The earning credit for completing the task is divided into three main parts are as follows.

  • By Download and playing Games: earn credits by downloading and playing games.
  • By Registration Newsletters: earn credits by signing up for websites or newsletters.
  • Generating Deals: earn credits by performing various offers.

How AppBounty Works

Earning AppBounty Credit points is very easy you just need to download a companion app i.e, Blu from the AppStore in order to create your account and secure your credits.

After downloading this app you will see the today’s hot bounty app now, you need to download this app.

The credit point of each app depends on its popularity. You will get paid for installing and trying the app. The AppBouty team partnership with the top app developer companies and ads network companies whose providing the offers on it.

When did you successfully download an app from AppBounty after installing app keep it open for at least 1 minute, their partners receive a signal that a new user has used their app and they send you the credit points of the particular applications?

How do I redeem my AppBounty credits?

You can redeem you AppBounty Credits through Amazon Gift Cards, Itunes Gift Cards, Xbox Live Points in just 5 easy steps.

Open AppBounty and tap on the ‘Rewards‘ tab.

Select the gift card you want by clicking on it, and “Buy Card“.

Wait up to 48 Hours for your gift card to be approved! So don’t bother about it.

After your gift card is approved you will find it on the Rewards Tab By Clicking on “Your Codes” in the top right-hand corner.

Step 5: Now you can see your Code! You can either enter your code at the checkout of the related website. (eg. in the “vouchers” or “promotional code” location. When making your purchase, or you can click on REDEEM. Now you will be redirected to the website of the related gift card. You’re all set, go get your gift cards.

What is AppBounty Tricks

The AppBounty tricks are the free source of unlimited credit points. You can generate independently without doing an app install.  This Tool made by the professionals and well tested on most of all Android and iOS devices. It works properly without getting any error.

Users did not worry while using this app because our programmer team designed it on the users demand so that no one can detect you while you’re using this app.

We are using so many proxy servers and VPN to get undetectable.

Also, we have not even used our user’s database and not store on our system.

There is the Proof image of our AppBounty free Tricks

AppBounty Tricks No Survey Proof

AppBounty Tricks No Survey Proof|

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How to Use AppBounty Tricks

  1. Click on Download Button and Download the AppBounty Trick.
  2. Before Download, Complete the Google Captcha.
  3. Install AppBounty Tricks on your Android Device.
  4. Open the AppBounty Tool and Generate the Unlimited Credit Points.


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